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With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are racking our brains on the perfect laser engraved gift for that special someone. If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of people on your Christmas list who are ready to shop for. So the question is: what are you going to get for it? 

Laser engraving opens up a whole new world of possible personalised holiday gift ideas. With an individual engraving, you can turn the simplest gift item or the simplest idea into something personal, unique and truly special.

Best of all, you know exactly what you’re getting for the person who has it all or wants nothing. Laser engraved gifts are more than just a gift, they are a work of art and a keepsake that the recipient can keep forever, and will always remember who they got it from. 

If you have a laser cutting machine during the holiday season, you’re like an elf in Santa’s workshop making all kinds of personalised gifts for everyone you love, right? 

For inspiration this holiday season, here are our top 10 laser engraved gift ideas for your special someone:

1. Engraved gold pendant

Laser Engraved 9k Gold Pendant

Engraved jewelry is a sentimental gift  forever. Whether it’s an inspirational quote or an anniversary date,  engravable necklaces, rings and bracelets will always be close to you. 

Add a personal touch to one of your special jewelry gifts for someone special. Celebrate life’s individual moments and capture a message back in time in a classic yet modern piece of jewelry. 

Engrave your favorite mantra, your favorite name or the initials of your loved ones on these  keepsake jewels. Deliberately crafted custom pieces to take every modern person through the changing days in style. 

This holiday season you can’t go wrong with the engraved gold pendant!

2. Personalised Engraved Wood Cutting Board 

Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Chopping Board

If there’s someone in your family who loves to cook and enjoys spending time in the kitchen, a custom cutting board (or other kitchen appliance) is a great way to add a little  more fun. to one of his favorite hobbies. especially in the Christmas season. 

A wooden cutting board can easily be engraved with the recipient’s name, a special holiday message, a favorite poem or  quote on the theme of cooking, a shared recipe, or a picture of the recipient’s favorite food. There are no limits to  creativity in this project – a wooden cutting board is essentially a blank canvas for laser engraving.

3. Solid Wood Laser Engraved Individual Coasters

Laser Cut and Engraved Drink Name Place Card. Laser Cut Mirror Gold Acrylic

Give your home a touch of personal love for the state? 

Any of these solid wood coasters makes a great conversation piece or gift for a friend or loved one, even a great piece of art  to put on the table  with the family  this holiday season. 

A beautiful wood coaster set that is lovingly engraved with the name, date or text of your choice. This special gift is a reminder of a special event in the lives of your family and friends. They are also perfect for a wedding, housewarming, anniversary, or any special occasion that requires a personal and creative touch and is sure to delight the recipient!

These coasters are handcrafted and  functional works of art for the home as these coasters  not only save the surface of your table but are also a super festive decoration.

4. Laser Cut and Engraved Drink Name Place Card

Personalised Cutlery – Laser Engraved with first name – multiple font options

The Laser Cut and Engraved Drink Name Place Card is just a wonderful new idea that you couldn’t have imagined, right? 

Imagine the reaction of your guests  when they see their names  on these personalised wooden drink place cards! This is a perfect way to surprise your guests on this vacation. You have the option to adapt the shape, font, size and style to perfectly suit your wedding. 

Your laser cut and engraved wooden drink  place card will be a dazzling show stopper. They are made of solid wood. Be creative! Use them as add-in cards, place cards, or just to share a message.

5. Personalised Laser Engraved Cutlery

Laser Engraved and Laser Cut Luggage Tag Name Place Card. Made from Mirror Gold Acrylic and Turquoise Acrylic with Gold Foil

This holiday season  all we want to do is  come home and see our family, friends and everyone we love again. 

The wait time at the baggage carousel, however, can be one of the most heartbreaking, sweaty, and annoying for butterflies of the entire travel experience. The horror of not seeing your bag slide down the conveyor belt will keep even the most seasoned traveler awake at night. 

As with most aspects of travel, the best plan is to plan. A Secure but Unique Luggage Tag By personalising a laser cut and engraved luggage tag ID card with readable information, it can help you easily identify it as it will stand out from the crowd and of course help you carry home the lost bags.

 7. Personalised Laser Engraved Wine/Mug Glass

These personalised wine glasses are the perfect gift for this upcoming holiday, even for any occasion. Personalise this with your name and logo and voila! 

If you are looking for the “perfect” gift for a discerning recipient who seems to have it all, or if you are looking for a personal gift for a festive occasion, personalised wine glasses are the ideal choice. Pair them with your loved ones’ favorite wine and you’ll always be known as the best gift giver in town. 

A pleasant surprise for the wine lover in your life and a beautiful way to celebrate an unforgettable moment.

8. UV Printed Jewellery

UV Printed Jewellery Elements- Color on Wood, Color White Color on Clear Acrylic, Color Only On Clear Acrylic

3D printed jewelry is on the rise now and nothing is stopping you from taking full advantage of 3D technologies. Traditional jewelry making is a detailed and time-consuming process. 

It is important to note that when we talk about 3D jewelry  printing, we are not talking about printing jewelry directly from precious metals. While it is definitely possible, and the technology for it is advancing rapidly, most jewelers do not use 3D printers in this way because the technology is not entirely affordable in terms of price. 

It may be interesting  to know that 3D printed jewelry can be a real bargain on the market. Get inspired by 3D printed bracelets and other decorative elements to get an idea of ​​what you can achieve with them. 

Best of all, these UV printed jewels can be a one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season as they keep appearing new  and  truly inspiring.

9. UV Printed Picture Wall

Custom Photo Wall, UV Printed on Wood

There is nothing like a beautifully illuminated piece of art hanging in a beautiful home, especially this Christmas season when everyone gathers and celebrates together. 

Just when you thought that art  only had so much to offer to people like us, who love art but don’t have extraordinary talents, you discovered something new. This not only applies to one medium or genre, but to several. 

No assembly required, just hang it on the wall and change the atmosphere of your home. “Print is the performance”, then UV seems to have opened photography  to a series of new scenarios in which to play. It remains only to determine  how long the execution will last.

10. Laser Engraved Dog Tags

Unfortunately, your pet is likely to run away at least once in his life. 

It happens to everyone. No matter how careful we are or how safe we ​​keep our garden enclosures, our dogs will try to run away at some point. And  sooner or later they will. And we don’t want that. 

Avoid the heartache by adding a custom and appropriate pet tag to your pet. Your mind will thank you later. Laser engraved pet tags can also be a perfect gift idea for the one we love who loves their pet too, 

What’s Next?

It’s a real challenge to give the perfect laser engraved gift to everyone on your list  each year, but once you open yourself to the possibilities of laser engraved Christmas gifts,  it will be easier than ever to create the perfect gifts for your loved ones. vacation season. 

When you make the best gifts at the party,  everyone else will wish they  thought they gave Grandma a personalised gift that made her cry. Do you know what this means? Next Christmas everyone will come to you and ask you about laser engraving services … Score! 

Melbourne Engraving is a great place to find adorable and unique laser engraved gift ideas for your fancy Christmas party if you are looking for something  special. S small team of creative individuals and hardworking laser machines that provide laser cutting, engraving, marking, UV printing and a design studio.

A promise that begins with the selection of the best materials and continues with the careful implementation of the carvings and the exclusive surface finish. 

Melbourne Engraving uses state-of-the-art engraving technology to ensure  your message is presented with the best possible clarity and quality and gives engraved wishes our personal touch. 

What better way to create a timeless Christmas gift than to engrave a favorite image or special occasion and offer it as a personalised gift? 

Stand out from the crowd with Melbourne Engraving!

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