Personalised Bohemia Crystal Boston Decanter 750ml Tall

Classic Bohemia Crystal 0.7 Litre decanter by Bohemia Crystal is a masculine, angular and heavy crystal decanter with a ground stopper for a perfect seal. A stunning addition to any bar or setting. Crafted from 24% lead crystal in the Czech Republic.

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Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts it is one of the oldest cultural sites in the United States of America. The Boston decanter is similar to the city itself. Lead crystal glass combines classic with modern, history with presence, closeness and strength. Suitable as a valuable gift, for all who put their lives on verified decisions. This whiskey set just confirms that beauty lies in simplicity. The simple design and top quality lead crystal pleases all who love modern crystal products. Store your alcohol and spirits to keep their taste with the Boston Decanter, Tall from Bohemia Crystal. Check out some of our personalised decanter here.

  • Crafted with world class crystal for unrivalled transparency so you can appreciate your drink fully.
  • Made with 24% lead crystal for exquisite reflective qualities which gives off a dazzling sparkle for a magnificent visual impact.
  • Has a tall tapered structure, not only for simplistic beauty, but also lends practicality to the storage purposes of the vessel.
  • Features a rounded stopper which keeps the container airtight for effective storage.
  • The extreme clarity of lead crystal allows you to keep an eye on the contents for easy refilling.
  • The heavy weighted base of the decanter keeps the pieces stable and durable for your peace of mind.
  • The minimalist design makes it a straightforward set for nursing your drinks in silence or with your loved ones.

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